Bitto Cheese P.D.O.

Bitto Cheese P.D.O.

Product description

Bitto PDO is a mature semi-hard cheese produced with whole cow’s milk, with the possible addition of raw goat’s milk, no more than a total of 10%.

Production method

The cow’s milk must come from traditional cattle breeds of the production area that are pasture-grazed.
The raw goat’s milk must also come from free range pasture-grazed animals. Both types of milk must be processed within an hour of milking;
the milk is put in traditional copper boilers with the shape of an upside down bell, where it is heated over a medium flame fuelled by wood.
The curd, which is obtained with the use of calf rennet, is cooked at between 48-52°C for around 30 minutes and is broken until the grains are
the size of a rice grain. The mass is placed in the traditional fascere, wooden or plastic molds that give the cheese its curved shape.
The molds possess the indispensable characteristics of breathability and porosity, which are necessary for the salting and ripening process.
Dry salting or brining is used. The minimum period of ripening is 70 days, but the cheese forms can also be left to mature for several years without the organoleptic characteristics or structure altering. In these cases, the cheese is periodically turned, cleaned and rinsed.
Bitto PDO is produced between June 1st and September 30th.

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Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil

Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil


Reggio Calabria Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil is the essence extracted from the fruits of the three varieties Feminella, Castagnaro, and Fantastico, belonging to the Citrus bergamia Risso species, commonly known as bergamot.


The production area of Reggio Calabria Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil covers the municipalities located within a range of about 100 km along the Ionian coast of the province of Reggio Calabria, in the Calabria region.


Reggio Calabria Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil is extracted from fruits that possess certain characteristics, such as moderately thin peel adhering to the flesh, smooth and sometimes slightly rough surface, lemon-yellow color; relatively firm pale green-yellow flesh; and a sour and bitter taste. The planting density should not exceed 450 plants per hectare, while the maximum allowable yield of bergamot for the specified varieties is 400 quintals per hectare. Fruit harvesting is done manually. It starts in November and continues until March, specifically when the color of the fruits begins to change from green to yellow. After this process, the fruits are placed in appropriate containers to be transported to processing industries. Oil extraction is carried out using the cold-pressed method. This procedure involves the use of a specific peeling machine that employs only pressurized and nebulized water. Centrifugation is used to separate the extracted oil from the processing water. The oil yield from this production phase should range from 350 to 750 grams per quintal of fruit. The obtained oil is collected in stainless steel containers with a capacity ranging from 1 to 4 tons.


Reggio Calabria Bergamot - PDO Essential Oil presents itself in liquid form. It has a clear appearance, sometimes with solid sediment. The color varies from green to greenish-yellow. The scent, pleasant and fresh, resembles that of the bergamot's pericarp.


The most plausible hypothesis about the origin of the bergamot fruit suggests that it originated from the spontaneous mutation of other species such as bitter orange or lime, occurring at the end of the 17th century in the territory now associated with the current production area, namely the province of Reggio Calabria. However, the success of bergamot essence is attributed to Gian Paolo Feminis, who, after emigrating to Cologne in 1680, created an ointment called "acqua admirabilis." Cologne waters trace their origin back to this ancient essence, as Feminis' heirs patented the product using the name of the German city. Since then, bergamot has remained one of the fundamental essential products in the perfume industry.

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Consultancy of Strategic Planning

Our advice to support SMEs of the construction of a clear action strategy. The Export Manager is equipped with the most innovative marketing analysis tools developed through years of experience, is able to build effective strategies for the client company.

The goal is to bring the company to export its agri-food PDO and PGI brand as well as possible on the most suitable markets and with an effort commensurate with its possibilities. The setting of a good initial plan is in fact the first target point to get important marketing and sales performance in a reasonably short period of time.

To do this, we work closely with your staff, training them at the same time, a strategic and marketing consulting based on 'interactive learning, so as to empower the customers as they complete the assigned objectives.

The Export Manager then consider how to deal with situations depending on the advancements in the valid program with you during the moments of confrontation until the realization of the business agreed.

Strategic Consulting

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Social Media Marketing Support

Social Media Marketing, is a service that the Export Manager knows and offer to increase your reputation in the digital world. Through the study of Social Media appropriate to the activity performed by you can design a brand strategy reputation of the PDO and PGI and lead generation useful to expand the basket of your chances of contact.


Make themselves known, to share and participate in the life of the community, right where the customers are located, and is especially the place in which it develops the idea of ​​your brand. And 'here that are looking for information to buy and that every word is amplified.

The Improvisation is expensive

Never "do it yourself" that's why the Export Manager is highly specialized and will keep away from overexposure, bad publicity, and will work to create the right corporate image. A profile poorly edited, a wrong answer, a mistake in writing a post can become difficult to manage.

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Export Sales Support


We provide specialist export assistance in finding customers and creating sales networks abroad and to Small and Medium to Large Enterprises.

With our experience in the business support we noted that internationalization has gained increasing importance in reason of the markets globalization.

This is why the term export manager acquired gradually more and more defined meanings, concepts Dop Italian Food Agency anticipates and has embraced since the beginning.

The skills gained will help with those who have undertaken these processes and, more specifically, the development of products and services exports. Our assistance will be invaluable in this business.

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Agribusiness Strategic Consulting


Strategic consulting in foreign marketing every small company is defined using analytical tools, that we have developed in our sales activities for client companies.

A strategic consultancy that starts from the analytical study of the Export Manager,  in the corporate structure, organizational level, that of its export attitudes.

Others are the services that we provide: the design of a strategic plan which will follow a track that allows you to interface to the chosen marketplace, developing brochures, price lists and all information necessary for your PDO brand promotion, until the realization a collaboration in outsourcing.

One of our experts with you to guide both the start-up phase in the regular execution of the correct step to be carried out towards foreign countries evaluated with you.

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Search engine marketing: SEM&SEO support

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization or generate traffic on the web, what we offer is just this: Evaluate with the Export Manager how important your visibility on search engines also re-evaluating what you already have online.

Different are the activities you can do with us:from consulting to marketing strategy and SEO SEM 360° increasing your business opportunities.


In order to be among the first you have to work hard, creating an attractive website in the eyes of search engines like Google, some are content so that they respect the rules intended by the algorithms and in many cases by increasing with the activation of social profiles. Alone can become a complex undertaking, together it is easily workable.


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Export Manager Agribusiness

If you are looking to start exporting or strengthening your foreign markets, the Export Manager for Dop Italian Food is the right role for your company.

Our success is attributed to a unique blend of highly skilled professionals who are not only competent but also highly motivated and strongly results-driven. The primary task is to identify new potential foreign markets for client companies and to devise the most effective strategies for entering and solidifying the company's presence in the identified countries.

The key characteristics of the Export Manager at Dop Italian Food Agency include a pronounced technical expertise combined with excellent commercial and entrepreneurial skills. These elements make them a valuable and dynamic collaborator capable of engaging with the company's management, all while pursuing the shared goal of market development and revenue growth.

Big Company PDO & PGI

An export manager for Agro Food Brands is PDO and PGI in Large Enterprises finds its natural place for targeted actions, just to support those organizations in the consolidated marketers who want to take on new projects or new markets without burdening the internal resources.

Based on the experience we have gained through years of support to large companies, we have identified the following categories the main requirements with which we were able to compare and to which we responded effectively through the Export Manager.

Worldwide Sales


Sell in any country with us, thanks to the assistance of the Export Manager Dop Italian Food Agency, will be less complex: from Micro up to the Great without forgetting the Trade Associations, Bodies and Institutions, we have created specific programs that will facilitate the operations export and organizational consolidation.

In this section you will find useful information up to date on the countries and market opportunities.



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Internationalization Companies Agribusiness


Internationalization of Enterprises with the Export Manager: whether to approach the export for the first time, whether they search for a more structured way to organize their foreign markets, whether they want to go direct presence on strategies reference international markets, our experience is able to provide answers to different needs of internationalization of each company.

Micro, Small and Medium, Large Enterprises and Start-Up that you want to contact us directly or use our services through trade associations, organizations and institutions we will put you in a position to deal with business in other countries.


The Internationalization of Enterprises with The Export Manager is easier. extensive experience, expertise and operational marketing tools are the practical means are based on our services.

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Export Manager Agroalimentare (2)


Se volete iniziare ad esportare o consolidare i vostri mercati esteri l'Export Manager Dop Italian Food è la figura giusta per la vostra azienda. Il successo di Dop Italian Food è dovuto proprio a queste professionalità, altamente competenti, molto motivate e fortemente orientate ai risultati.

Il loro compito principale è quello di scegliere nuovi potenziali mercati esteri per le aziende clienti e di elaborare le strategie più efficaci per l'ingresso e il consolidamento della presenza aziendale nei paesi individuati.

La principale caratteristiche degli Export Manager Dop Italian Food è una spiccata competenza tecnica unita ad ottime doti commerciali e di intraprendenza, elementi che ne fanno un prezioso e dinamico collaboratore capace di interfacciarsi con il management aziendale perseguendo il fine comune di sviluppo dei mercati e di crescita di fatturato.

Sales & Marketing Specialist


Our professionalism is represented by the quality of the 'Export Manager Dop Italian Food Agency: highly competent figures, strongly result-oriented and with strong personal motivation.

Experts in sales, marketing and export, with a solid academic base in International Business School, and with a consolidated corporate background, the Export Manager shares multicultural experience that allows them to adapt to the different characteristics of the trading partners of the client companies.

The efficiency is due to an operating segment, this, continuously updated through the application of established guidelines, updated procedures manuals and informative and cutting-edge statistical tools.


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Foreign Marketing


A foreign marketing built "ad hoc" is the answer of? Export Manager for even the most structured companies. Coping with difficult markets and emerging approach abroad so alternative and develop overseas business through direct presence in target countries are just some of the possibilities that actually larger can achieve with our advice.

Our method of operation, extremely practical and attentive to the results, also gives us an advantage in the development of complex strategies, always met with great success.


The action is successful only if carried out through strategic approaches that leave nothing to chance: the effective plan is made through a thorough basic analysis of all scenarios. Taking account of these elements bring their own company on the external marketplace with success is only a matter of determination.

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Consulting and internationalization of large companies

The advice to the larger companies internationalization consists of: international custom market research approach to complicated countries like China, Russia and Brazil, analysis of specialized databases, access to planning tools and Content Management Resource Dedicated the management of business contacts.

These business realities, in fact, they need to work and we respond to particular needs for years with targeted and productive operations. To consider the training of company personnel for actions aimed at updating the flows and the methods applied daily.


The Export Manager format at the international level to deal with method and knowledge of the facts even more difficult scenario for both cultural and geographical distance, is an indispensable advice to achieve the internationalization of enterprises.


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Marketing Consulting

The marketing consultancy dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises from the Export Manager goes through a strategic planning.

Consulting that see the analysis of the context in which the company operates, with its ambitions towards the market and the Identification of target markets and optimal distribution channels, together with a proper evaluation of competitors, are key steps to define its strategic marketing.

With tools like the Marketing Consulting, we are able to prepare a winning strategy to guide the choices to solid approach for export.


The marketing advice, if implemented effectively, is part of a broader strategic plan which has the ultimate goal of a complete enterprise internationalization. The Export Manager is committed to making this happen!

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Complex Markets

Any emerging market and the next generation is difficult to even approach to the more structured companies. Thanks to the techniques used for the retrieval of information on strategies and sales export, in these countries, the use of languages for any area of ​​the world and knowledge of the behavior of different cultures, provides a valuable support .


The first barrier of entry is the language, especially if the penetration strategy involves contact with buyers and representatives of medium / small structures. In Large Enterprises it is possible that don't know these countries, we deliver support to commercial projects.


distribution agreements, joint venture agreements and commercial settlements or stable production abroad are some of the ways in which the Large Enterprises face the foreign trade; together we evaluate the different solutions.

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Export for micro companies

Each Agribusiness PDO and IGP company approaches the market must necessarily confront exports, since the beginning; be it a start-up or a Micro Enterprise Agribusiness PDO and IGP, identifiable by a turnover of up to two million Euros and a staff of fewer than 10. For this type of companies we have designed a series of targeted services that are helpful to their concrete requirements for export.

Strategic Planning

The agro-industrial Export Manager in a Big Company adopts consolidated practices refined over years of experience, so it is able to make an important contribution to strategic planning for your marketing.

Using elaborate analytical result of studies carried out on the sector DOP and IGP, the Export Manager plans the best approach strategies on the most attractive countries for your business and study with company management the most appropriate internationalization formulas tailor-made that your business needs. We allow the systematic development of foreign markets: the consolidation of the presence of mature ones, effective preparation against emerging and correct approaches to potential next generation.

Strategic planning is based in answering how to export and having to export, questions that provide answers based on data and information generated by mathematical models of proven effectiveness.


The choice of approach does not pass only for the analysis of interchange or for the reference product agro-industrial trend; They must be taken into account different variables related to the company and its organization. Together we assess the way.

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Export Manager Business networking PDO & IGP


Create and manage the export department of enterprise network requires skills difficult to find within the individual components involved in the network contract.

Export Manager Corporate Network is an independent figure detached from each company, it operates in the name and on behalf of each, through the network, with the goal of building a commercial export office.

Through market analysis, identification of distribution channels, the direct contact with the prospect, the organization of business meetings and training of members of the network companies, the Export Manager Corporate Network provides a fundamental support to develop the network and the companies affiliated to it.

And 'possible to adopt organizational models in the food chain, based on the complementarity of product or distribution channel, without having to have inside the company network with the same product and conccorrenti each other.

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