Small Medium Agri-Food Companies

The interventions of the 'Export Manager Agri Food" provide small and medium-sized enterprises a highly competent sales support and sectorally specialized in PDO and PGI Italian Food to help in the search for customers and creating new business networks. Over the years, more international businesses, we have observed that the intervention requests from SMEs were concentrated in the Export Manager support on an outsourcing basis, especially for the external foreign trade office management to face the overseas markets evolving in synergy with company staff.


The Agribusiness Export Manager, manages the foreign trade office and outsourcing in order to develop sales. The interventions, alongside the entrepreneur, involving the use of innovative means to analyze markets in order to identify the best opportunities abroad.

Our comprehensive assistance for all stages of the process, from the economic control on the reliability of partners, to the realization of orders until you get to the creation, management and coordination of a network of sales, makes our intervention the most comprehensive in the field of service to support the internationalization of businesses.

EXPORT - The task is to increase revenue by developing exports. Having him beside means having capable and reliable partners that allow you to bring products and services to more new countries to grow the business.

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