Consultancy of Strategic Planning

Our advice to support SMEs of the construction of a clear action strategy. The Export Manager is equipped with the most innovative marketing analysis tools developed through years of experience, is able to build effective strategies for the client company.

The goal is to bring the company to export its agri-food PDO and PGI brand as well as possible on the most suitable markets and with an effort commensurate with its possibilities. The setting of a good initial plan is in fact the first target point to get important marketing and sales performance in a reasonably short period of time.

To do this, we work closely with your staff, training them at the same time, a strategic and marketing consulting based on 'interactive learning, so as to empower the customers as they complete the assigned objectives.

The Export Manager then consider how to deal with situations depending on the advancements in the valid program with you during the moments of confrontation until the realization of the business agreed.

Strategic Consulting

Agribusiness Strategic Consulting


Strategic consulting in foreign marketing every small company is defined using analytical tools, that we have developed in our sales activities for client companies.

A strategic consultancy that starts from the analytical study of the Export Manager,  in the corporate structure, organizational level, that of its export attitudes.

Others are the services that we provide: the design of a strategic plan which will follow a track that allows you to interface to the chosen marketplace, developing brochures, price lists and all information necessary for your PDO brand promotion, until the realization a collaboration in outsourcing.

One of our experts with you to guide both the start-up phase in the regular execution of the correct step to be carried out towards foreign countries evaluated with you.

Foreign Marketing


A foreign marketing built "ad hoc" is the answer of? Export Manager for even the most structured companies. Coping with difficult markets and emerging approach abroad so alternative and develop overseas business through direct presence in target countries are just some of the possibilities that actually larger can achieve with our advice.

Our method of operation, extremely practical and attentive to the results, also gives us an advantage in the development of complex strategies, always met with great success.


The action is successful only if carried out through strategic approaches that leave nothing to chance: the effective plan is made through a thorough basic analysis of all scenarios. Taking account of these elements bring their own company on the external marketplace with success is only a matter of determination.

Marketing Consulting

The marketing consultancy dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises from the Export Manager goes through a strategic planning.

Consulting that see the analysis of the context in which the company operates, with its ambitions towards the market and the Identification of target markets and optimal distribution channels, together with a proper evaluation of competitors, are key steps to define its strategic marketing.

With tools like the Marketing Consulting, we are able to prepare a winning strategy to guide the choices to solid approach for export.


The marketing advice, if implemented effectively, is part of a broader strategic plan which has the ultimate goal of a complete enterprise internationalization. The Export Manager is committed to making this happen!

Export Agribusiness Consulting


The consultation proposed by Export Manager aims to support Small and Medium Enterprises in the strategic development agribusiness enabling them to offer their products abroad as effectively as possible.

A construction support export strategies, the preliminary study of the potential markets and competition play an important advisory role in defining the scenario in which the company has to move. The ultimate goal is to get the best results in terms of choice and extension in the foreign marketplace because it will allow to overcome the challenge coming from domestic and foreign competition.


Is one strongholds in setting the consultancy: accurately identify the main countries, those who consume larger quantities and discover the most attractive geographies to place them, but not all. Equally important it is to assess the export if it is economic and competitive in the identified places.

Advice Agribusiness Consulting


The commercial advice proposed by the Export Manager is part of the approach to the market as a whole. The creation and management of corporate sales network is the ultimate goal of our consulting intervention.

The company may see the emergence of an effective commercial network that will bring results of increase in orders and turnover. The real big need in difficult times like these in recent years, to deal with.


Any sales action requires an evaluation that will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the structure with respect to the state of internal or external markets. Basically our conduct must follow a clear plan to help achieve important goals.

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