Big Company PDO & PGI

An export manager for Agro Food Brands is PDO and PGI in Large Enterprises finds its natural place for targeted actions, just to support those organizations in the consolidated marketers who want to take on new projects or new markets without burdening the internal resources.

Based on the experience we have gained through years of support to large companies, we have identified the following categories the main requirements with which we were able to compare and to which we responded effectively through the Export Manager.

Complex Markets

Any emerging market and the next generation is difficult to even approach to the more structured companies. Thanks to the techniques used for the retrieval of information on strategies and sales export, in these countries, the use of languages for any area of ​​the world and knowledge of the behavior of different cultures, provides a valuable support .


The first barrier of entry is the language, especially if the penetration strategy involves contact with buyers and representatives of medium / small structures. In Large Enterprises it is possible that don't know these countries, we deliver support to commercial projects.


distribution agreements, joint venture agreements and commercial settlements or stable production abroad are some of the ways in which the Large Enterprises face the foreign trade; together we evaluate the different solutions.

Strategic Planning

The agro-industrial Export Manager in a Big Company adopts consolidated practices refined over years of experience, so it is able to make an important contribution to strategic planning for your marketing.

Using elaborate analytical result of studies carried out on the sector DOP and IGP, the Export Manager plans the best approach strategies on the most attractive countries for your business and study with company management the most appropriate internationalization formulas tailor-made that your business needs. We allow the systematic development of foreign markets: the consolidation of the presence of mature ones, effective preparation against emerging and correct approaches to potential next generation.

Strategic planning is based in answering how to export and having to export, questions that provide answers based on data and information generated by mathematical models of proven effectiveness.


The choice of approach does not pass only for the analysis of interchange or for the reference product agro-industrial trend; They must be taken into account different variables related to the company and its organization. Together we assess the way.

Query database of companies

The interrogation of databases is achieved through the DataBase service for businesses consists of companies worldwide, from B2B to various forms of commercial brokerage, there are product categories (Sector Italian Food) and have been collected in over a decade of scouting and daily monitoring.

The contribution of the 'Export Manager is the selection of contacts useful for business to building representative contacts for individual channels and market and targeted to the signing of a supply contract.


The interrogation of databases by product type we can provide is only part of the work we do. But it is only the starting point.


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