Strategic Planning

The agro-industrial Export Manager in a Big Company adopts consolidated practices refined over years of experience, so it is able to make an important contribution to strategic planning for your marketing.

Using elaborate analytical result of studies carried out on the sector DOP and IGP, the Export Manager plans the best approach strategies on the most attractive countries for your business and study with company management the most appropriate internationalization formulas tailor-made that your business needs. We allow the systematic development of foreign markets: the consolidation of the presence of mature ones, effective preparation against emerging and correct approaches to potential next generation.

Strategic planning is based in answering how to export and having to export, questions that provide answers based on data and information generated by mathematical models of proven effectiveness.


The choice of approach does not pass only for the analysis of interchange or for the reference product agro-industrial trend; They must be taken into account different variables related to the company and its organization. Together we assess the way.


Who are the major trading partners for you? Direct customers? Importers? Wholesalers? Agents? GDO? Choose the most suitable distribution channels derived from a careful strategy that we can define precisely.

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