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Export Manager

If you wish to start exporting or consolidating your foreign markets, the Export Manager for Italian Dop Food is the right role for your company.

Our success is attributed to a unique blend of highly skilled, motivated professionals who are strongly results-oriented. The main task is to identify new potential foreign markets for client companies and develop the most effective strategies for entering and solidifying the company's presence in the identified countries.

The main characteristics of the Export Manager at Dop Italian Food Agency include a strong technical expertise combined with excellent commercial and entrepreneurial skills. These qualities make them a valuable and dynamic collaborator capable of interfacing with the company's management, pursuing the common goal of market development and revenue growth.


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"Preparati ad espanderti globalmente! Il nostro Export Manager è pronto a trasformare le sfide in opportunità. Contattaci ora e inizia la tua crescita internazionale."

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