Who we Are

The services of the Italian Food Agency for DOP products are provided by Development Agency Ltd., to develop and support the internationalization processes of Italian D.O.P. products.

For the finest Italian D.O.P. products, we are a reality capable of stepping onto the international stage and showcasing the prestigious Italian agri-food and culinary heritage around the world. The portfolio consists of leading companies operating in different brands of the Italian D.O.P. market without competing with each other.

The partner companies associated with the service are carefully selected, with a particular focus on those that ensure and certify production excellence.

The ultimate goal is to increase sales in growing international markets, providing a set of synergistic services: - "" Portal - Export Manager "outsourcing of the professional figure" - Marketing "International Fairs in strategic countries" - Public Relations "Articles in sector magazines and blogs on the Internet".

The portal is dedicated to information and communication about quality Italian products, with dedicated sections and sectoral insights about partner products. The content will soon be translated into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and thanks to keyword indexing technologies, we are perfectly positioned on the Internet in every continent.

Services Export Agroindustrial

We offer services to support pathways into new, highly promising markets, providing solutions for issues related to internationalization.

We develop strategic internationalization plans, identifying markets through strategic marketing plans and integrated online and offline communication, with the goal of boosting sales.

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