Query database of companies

The interrogation of databases is achieved through the DataBase service for businesses consists of companies worldwide, from B2B to various forms of commercial brokerage, there are product categories (Sector Italian Food) and have been collected in over a decade of scouting and daily monitoring.

The contribution of the 'Export Manager is the selection of contacts useful for business to building representative contacts for individual channels and market and targeted to the signing of a supply contract.


The interrogation of databases by product type we can provide is only part of the work we do. But it is only the starting point.


The real goal is to deepen acting up to talk directly with the result leads. Our ultimate goal is to prepare the targeted offers.


The interrogation of these databases need to develop surveys by sector, country and your port of destination finding respecting referees in the World. An important tool that allows us to know with certainty importers of your products in different foreign markets.

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