Marketing Consulting

The marketing consultancy dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises from the Export Manager goes through a strategic planning.

Consulting that see the analysis of the context in which the company operates, with its ambitions towards the market and the Identification of target markets and optimal distribution channels, together with a proper evaluation of competitors, are key steps to define its strategic marketing.

With tools like the Marketing Consulting, we are able to prepare a winning strategy to guide the choices to solid approach for export.


The marketing advice, if implemented effectively, is part of a broader strategic plan which has the ultimate goal of a complete enterprise internationalization. The Export Manager is committed to making this happen!


Build a detailed plan allows it to act on an informed basis for the achievement of sales targets. The inputs from the country of commerce will also allow some fine-tuning in order to achieve precisely the desired results.


Start with a careful selection of attractive marketplace for our business, it is the first piece of advice geared to the construction of a puzzle that will provide us with an accurate answer to our aspirations. A step that our experts know how to perform with competence and professionalism.

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