Social Media Marketing Support

Social Media Marketing, is a service that the Export Manager knows and offer to increase your reputation in the digital world. Through the study of Social Media appropriate to the activity performed by you can design a brand strategy reputation of the PDO and PGI and lead generation useful to expand the basket of your chances of contact.


Make themselves known, to share and participate in the life of the community, right where the customers are located, and is especially the place in which it develops the idea of ​​your brand. And 'here that are looking for information to buy and that every word is amplified.

The Improvisation is expensive

Never "do it yourself" that's why the Export Manager is highly specialized and will keep away from overexposure, bad publicity, and will work to create the right corporate image. A profile poorly edited, a wrong answer, a mistake in writing a post can become difficult to manage.


Google has learned that if you talk to someone on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, means that man really exists. That favors sites that engage on these platforms: position in the first search engine results is easier if it supports the use of social.

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