Analysis Export Agri-Food PDO and PGI

MICRO ENTERPRISES: Agro Industrial Export Analysis

We offer the following services: Analysis Export, which is a strategic planning which, through the development of agro-industrial market DOP and IGP information, combined with customized business variables, allows you to identify a clear track to follow in order to successfully export.

By a few steps each micro business will get a complete planning, essential tool in support of decisions to the development of overseas sales.


Analyze the business context (markets to conquer, ideal distribution channel, key competitors) is critical to strategically define activities. E 'can then determine the orientation characteristics exports DOP and IGP to improve it.


The Export Report, defining the parameters of these companies, guarantees the tracking of strategies that allow you to choose the most proper way for micro Italian reality. Something important is to set a targeted trade in the PDO and PGI action plan in other countries.


After the Export Analysis takes the setting measurable over time. commercial objectives, sales and marketing, dedicated appropriate resources and tools make Analysis Export a powerful operational and control structure used by the Italian agro-industrial micro enterprises to develop their business abroad.

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