Agri-Food PDO and PGI Export Preparation

At micro agribusiness companies, we provide assistance to the creation of multimedia supports: activities that allow to acquire the basic tools required to appear on foreign markets, enabling you to take the first steps.

The preparation of brochures, price lists and information materials translated into the target market languages, in addition to the development of an adequate presence on the search engines through portal, a multilingual structured site ranks among the top in various languages ​​in the food & wine products the minimum equipment needed to deal with the export.


The export intercultural approach has perfected our critical thinking leading us to understand how to transfer the concepts of micro enterprises. Together we evaluate the information to be provided to the public interest.


Window on the world to help each export activities. Websites intuitive and effective and, above all, optimized, they are critical to bring the company potential customers. We support micro Italian companies in the sector Agribusiness Dop and IGP also in making this step.


Our extensive customer research experience and the creation of Italian and foreign commercial networks has taught us that convey your own business is one of the success factors of international marketing.

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