Italian Cacciatore Salami P.D.O.

Italian Cacciatore Salami P.D.O.

Product description

Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO are raw, cured and stuffed charcuterie products obtained from lean pork and pork fat of pigs belonging to the Italian Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds or other similar breeds compatible with the Italian heavy pig.


Production method

The fatty and muscular sections are carefully cleaned in order to remove the large sinews and soft fatty tissue.
The clean cuts are then refrigerated at a maximum temperature of 7°C. Mincing must be carried out in mincing machines that have molds with holes of between 3-8 mm.
The mincemeat is then mixed together with salt and pepper (whole or ground) in vacuum or atmospheric pressure machines.
The mixture is inserted into natural or artificial casings with a maximum diameter of 75 mm, sometimes tied with a string.
The small salamis are heat dried, 18-25°C, in order to obtain rapid dehydration. The curing process lasts for at least 10 days, in locations where there is a sufficient exchange of air and a temperature between 10 and 15°C.

Apparence and flavour

Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO have a compact cylindrical shape, a maximum diameter of 6 cm, a length of up to 20 cm and a weight of less than 350 g.
They have a compact and inelastic consistency; the slice is compact and homogenous with a rich ruby-red colour and evenly distributed specks of fat.
The flavour is sweet and delicate, never sour. The aroma also is delicate and characteristic.


Although Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO should be conserved in a dry, well-ventilated place, they keep for a longer period of time if put in the fridge.
Their small size makes them an ideal fresh product for today’s habit of eating “on the go”.
Traditionally it is served as a starter, usually alongside other charcuterie products, cheeses and products preserved in oil.
It can also be used in luxury salads: sliced in strips or diced, with apple and pomegranate, or with lentils, tomato and olives, dressed with balsamic vinegar.
On the contrary to other similar products, Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO is best served in very thin slices. It should be paired with an excellent red wine.


The product is marketed as Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO. It is sold unpackaged, vacuum-packed or in modified atmosphere packaging, whole, in pieces or sliced.

Distinctive features

The characteristic that most distinguishes Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO is its size, which is much smaller in respect to other salami, making it practical and simple to eat.


The origins of Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO date back to the period of the Longobard invasions.
In fact, during their migration, the barbaric populations had to eat food that could be conserved for a long time, a great part of which was pork-based.
Therefore, the production of salamini began in the hilly territory of Lombardy, later spreading into the confining regions of Northern Italy.
The hunter’s custom of carrying this food product while hunting was what determined the name with which they are known today (cacciatore means hunter), as well as the small size, which made them easier to carry.

Production area

The production area of Italian Salami Cacciatore PDO is within the entire territory of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia- Romagna, Umbria, Tuscany, The Marches, Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise regions.
The pigs used for production must be born, reared and slaughtered in the above-mentioned regions.

Operators: 41
Production(KG): 2.337.424
Turnover(MLN€): 28,53

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