Valli Trapanesi Olive Oil P.D.O.

Valli Trapanesi Olive Oil P.D.O.


Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola olive varieties, which must make up at least 80% of the groves, individually or mixed.
Other varieties may make up the remaining 20%.

Production Method

The olives must be harvested directly from the trees, by hand or mechanically, between the first ripening of the fruit and December 30th of each year.
The milling processes must take place within two days of the harvest.

Appearance and Flavour

Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil is green in colour, at times with golden yellow highlights. It has a sharp olive aroma with possible grassy notes.
The flavour is fruity with a delicate hint of bitterness and piquancy.


Extra virgin olive oil is highly perishable and it is therefore important that it is stored correctly in order to maintain its organoleptic characteristics.
It should be kept in a cool, dark place at a temperature between 14 and 18°C, away from heat sources and other foods that release odours.
It should be consumed within four to six months of pressing to fully appreciate its qualities.
Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil has a harmonious yet elegant fragrance, with a strong hint of tomato blending with sharp balsamic notes.
The well-balanced bitterness and piquancy makes it the perfect condiment for the typical fish-based dishes of this area.


The product is marketed as Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil. It is sold in glass or tin plate recipients of no more than 5 litres. The label must indicate the year of production.

Distinctive Features

Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil is characterised by a maximum acidity of 0.5 g per 100 g of oil and a panel test result higher than or equal to 6.5.


The first olive tree cultivations in Western Sicily, an essential reference point on mariner courses at that time, date back to the Phoenician period.
Olive cultivation in the production area of Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil was further developed first by the Greeks and then the Romans, who immediately saw the potential of the land and climate of this area.
However, its importance to the local economy came much later during the Bourbon domination.
The historical material dating back to this period testifies to the massive use of resources to revitalize olive oil production, which from that moment was a definitive part of the area’s economy.
Today there are still several olive trees in the Province of Trapani that were planted by the Spaniards during the two centuries of their domination in Sicily.

Production Area

The production and processing area of Valli Trapanesi PDO extra virgin olive oil is within the territory of several municipal areas in the Province of Trapani, in the Sicily region.

Operators: 270
Production(KG): 323.322
Turnover(MLN€): 1,32
Surface(HA): 1.215,62

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