Lands Tarentine Olive Oil P.D.O.

Lands Tarentine Olive Oil P.D.O.


Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Frantoio, Coratina, Leccino and Ogliarola olive varieties, which must make up at least 80% of the groves, individually or mixed. Other varieties may make up the remaining 20%.

Production Method

The harvest must take place between October and January each year.
The olives must be harvested directly from the tree; they must be transported to the mill on the same day and stored in rigid and ventilated containers in a cool environment. Milling must take place within 72 hours of arriving at the mill.
Only traditional manual and mechanical oil extraction methods are permitted, and only potable water with a maximum temperature of 30°C may be used.

Appearance and Flavour

Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil is yellow-green in colour with medium viscosity.
It has a fruity flavour accompanied by light to mild piquant sensations.


Extra virgin olive oil is highly perishable and it is therefore important that it is stored correctly in order to maintain its organoleptic characteristics.
It should be kept in a cool, dark place at a temperature between 14 and 18°C, away from heat sources and other foods that release odours.
It should be consumed within four to six months of pressing to fully appreciate its qualities.
Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil has a delicate fruity flavour, making it particularly suitable for vegetable-based pasta dishes, such as the typical local dish of orecchiette with turnip tops. It is also excellent as a dressing for meat and fish dishes.


The product is marketed as Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil.
It is sold in suitable recipients or bottles of no more than 5 litres. The label must indicate the year of production.

Distinctive Features

Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil is characterised by a maximum acidity of 0.6 g per 100 g of oil and a panel test result higher than or equal to 6.5.


The presence of olive trees in the production area of Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil dates back about 8.000 years.
The Messapians began cultivating olives in this area in around the I century B.C. and the practice was continued by the Phoenicians and Greeks.
Many archaeological remains demonstrate the importance of this activity, such as amphorae and coins from the Sixth-Fifth centuries B.C. decorated with olive trees, and olive presses and mills that were discovered in Basilian settlements.

Production Area

The production, processing and bottling-packaging area of Terre Tarentine PDO extra virgin olive oil is within numerous municipal areas in the western part of the Province of Taranto, in the Apulia region.

Operators: (39) potenziali
Production(KG): ND
Turnover(MLN€): ND
Surface(HA): (664,95)potenziali

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