Brisighella Olive Oil P.D.O.

Brisighella Olive Oil P.D.O.


Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Nostrana di Brisighella olive variety, which must make up at least 90% of the olive groves; other varieties may make up the remaining 10%.

Production Method

The olives must be harvested directly from the tree, by hand or mechanically, between November 5th and December 20th of each year.
The olives must be washed at a temperature of no more than 27°C and cannot be subjected to any other kind of treatment.
The oil must be made within four days of harvesting. All of the oil extraction and bottling or packaging processes must take place in the production area.

Appearance and Flavour

Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil is emerald green in colour with golden highlights.
It has a mild to strong fruity aroma with hints of fresh herbs, while the flavour is fruity with a touch of bitterness and a piquant taste.


Extra virgin olive oil is highly perishable and must be stored correctly in order to maintain its organoleptic characteristics.
It should be kept in a cool, dark place at a temperature between 14 and 18°C, away from sources of heat and away from other foods which produce odours.
It should be consumed within four to six months of pressing to fully appreciate its qualities.
Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil is ideal for dressing roasted and grilled white meats, but it also pairs well with fish dishes.
It is also perfect for drizzling over vegetables and adding flavour to a variety of sauces.


The product is marketed as Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil.
It is sold in dark glass recipients, in the following sizes: 100, 250, 500, 750, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000 and 5.000 g or ml.
The label must indicate the harvest year of the olives.

Distinctive Features

The production area of Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil is characterised by 25 km of rock outcrops (chalk gullies)
that contribute to the ideal microclimate for successfully growing the Nostrana di Brisighella olive variety.


Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil boasts ancient origins, as confirmed by the recent discovery of a small domestic olive press dating back to Roman times.
Written documentation of oil making in this area has been found in documents and legal papers from the Fifteenth and Sixteenth centuries.
However, the transition from producing oil predominantly for personal use to producing oil to put on the market is more recent, starting with the establishment of the Agricola Brisighellese Cooperative in 1970.

Production Area

The production area of Brisighella PDO extra virgin olive oil incorporates, in whole or in part, the territory of several municipalities in the Province of Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena, in the Emilia Romagna region.

Operators: 176
Production(KG): 5.862
Turnover(MLN€): 0.11
Surface(HA): 171,90

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